The Judgement

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Om at Home Shoot: June 2018

When I first saw the picture above, I absolutely loved it! Then, I went to post it. Of course, like any woman on the planet, hell in the solar system, I began to nitpick myself. Delete.

Reasons why I didn't want to post the picture;

1. Hello, belly. Oh you again, arm back fat. I gained 8 pounds in the last year and being 5'3'' makes it look like 50. I am also in the middle of a Transformation and I had to address my body and the way I viewed it. Damn, I was harsh and for no reason. So why was I being hard on myself? I am freaking happy and I am healthy. I needed this picture, not to motivate me to lose weight but to open my eyes to everything I was reading and finally process it. I could also share something I would have once hidden because of what other's would have thought of me. I think this is supposed to be part of my journey.

2. My foot is dirty. Yes, really. You can't tell me there hasn't been a picture that you didn't post because of something that was probably only noticeable to you. Newsflash, no one cares about you that much girl. If they do, let them hate that's their insecurity.

3. Dem wrinkles on my face. Which btw, I just realized I had. All these years I’ve thought I looked 18. You can imagine my disappointment at 30 when I looked in the mirror and saw the lines.

I woke up this morning (6/14/18) and looked at the picture again. I remembered the reasons I loved the picture when I initially saw it.

1. A lot of my favorite yogis are in this picture. Not to mention, they are looking on with so much love.

2. It tells a real story. Shawn and I go through the difficult stuff together while supporting each other. This was also difficult for him so I'm glad I could support him on the way down (total sarcasm), I kid. He clearly doesn't do yoga much based on that forward fold, nonetheless he came.

3. I am happy.

When I stopped to think about why I loved this picture I felt like an ass for the way I had treated myself moments ago.

We are often way too harsh on ourselves. Most of the time, for no reason at all. We have so much more to be grateful for and we choose to focus on the negative. Most of which I am pretty sure no one else even realizes. I can promise you this, we all feel it.

Which is why I fully believe we should be lifting each other every chance we get. Tell that girl walking down the hall you like her shirt. Hold the door when you're walking out the post office. Buy a stranger coffee. Let's spread the good energy, the world needs it.

Peace, Love, Yoga

Crazy Cajun Yogi



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Broussard, Louisiana

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