Kindness: It Does A Body Good

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

They say you are usually drawn to the things that you need the most.

When I saw the Good Morning America interview with Leon, I was drawn to his story. I became curious enough to purchase Go Be Kind, but I didn't pick it up for another 6 months and I'm honestly not even sure why. I'm just grateful that I finally did. The book was so much fun. I ended up starting a virtual book club, made some new friends, learned some things about myself along the way, and became a little happier along the way.

For so long, I was afraid that I would get hurt if I shared my heart with the world. I felt like I could't truly be myself. I was so worried about being embarrassed or even rejected that I was unknowingly stopping myself from being kind. See, I didn't think I was a mean person but I would often find myself realizing how rude I sounded and I would then beat myself up about it until it happened again, and the cycle would just continue.

I was desperate to end this but I couldn't quite figure out how. I wasn't even a week into the book when I realized why I was so drawn to it. It was simple, I just needed more kindness in my life.

When I decided that my blog topic would be the book, I thought it would be easy. I thought that I could just ramble on about what kindness is, how we can all practice kindness everyday, and what the adventures were but I soon realized; 1. I basically would be rewriting Go Be Kind. 2. It's not my place to tell you what kindness is or how you should practice it. I know that this book can be a completely different experience for everyone and that's the beauty of it!

I can tell you that to me kindness means treating others how you would like to be treated. Kindness doesn't care what you look like, the clothes you wear, or the amount of money in your pocket. Kindness is supporting a stranger.

Which is why I want to share a story about two friendships that were created because of Go Be Kind. I started the book club to hold myself accountable and, because I've always wanted to start one so I thought, why not! I created an outline and wrote down a couple of ideas. I was so certain that since everyone was on Facebook so much it would work, I mean it would literally took 10 minutes a day to do, maybe. Book Club starts and every time I post...crickets. I probably would have given up had it not been for two women in that group, Ann and Doris. No matter what was going on in their lives that day, they still participated. Ironically, their kindness is what kept me going.

I'm sure some of you are thinking, that's great, but I'm kind so I don't need the book. While I don't doubt your kindness for one minute, I just need to ask "Don't you want to be kinder?"

I think we can all agree that this world could use a little more kindness. I know what I accomplished in my 28.5 days won't change the world, but if could all spare 28.5 days, then maybe we could.

Peace, Love, Yoga




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