About Me:


I'm just a small town girl with big dreams. I love cooking and spending time with my tribe. My pups mean the absolute world to me and I love my kids just as much! After many years of being unhappy and unhealthy, I found yoga. I had just recently gone through a divorce and I found myself falling into old patterns. I hate saying that it changed my life because, I clearly needed to do some changing. It allowed me to become more present and notice what was working and what wasn't in different areas of my life. It made such an impact that I ended up becoming a yoga instructor and it eventually led me to quit my job of 13 years in the restaurant industry and step into the health and fitness world. I fell in love with yoga pretty quickly, and it wasn't just because of the transformation in my physical body, but what it does to my soul and daily thoughts. It's what also led me to becoming an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through one of the biggest nutrition schools, Institute for Integrative Nutrition.


When I was younger I remember saying that I wanted to change lives one day and never quite understood what that meant for me. I overcame drug addiction, obesity, infertility, and divorce so that I could offer a listening ear to those experiencing the same trials and tribulations. Through it all, I've still be able to find what makes me glow and grow and I would love to help you do the same. 

Crazy Cajun Yogini 
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Broussard, Louisiana

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Disclaimer: Well Balanced Living practices under the scope of holistic health coach. I am not a medical professional. I do not diagnose or treat clients. The information you receive is for general purposes only and is not meant for medical advice. Any reliance you place on information given is simply at your own risk. Please consult with a physician before starting any diet or exercise program.